The Best SEO Software for 2016 – Wah IT World

The Best SEO Software for 2016 – Wah IT World

Looking for some useful software to help tackle your SEO needs.  Well we have you covered with The Best SEO Software For 2016.

The Best SEO Software For 2016

I simply love tools.  I use them around the house, I use them for my hobbies, I use them for work and for play.  For those who love SEO, knowing about and having the right SEO software can make analysis so much easier and make you the King of SEO.

SEO software can be broken down into several categories or tasks.

  • SEO Audits
  • File Transfer | File Upload
  • Keyword Analysis | Suggestion
  • Content Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Backlink Checking
  • Competition Analysis

As an SEO specialist, I may only do one of the tasks above or multiple depending on the client and what is needed.  For new clients, usually the best starting point is with a SEO Audit.  For existing clients Keyword Analysis, Link Building and Competition Analysis become essential daily endeavors.


SEO Audit

Performing weekly or monthly SEO Audits is a great habit to get into and will quickly highlight website issues that might not be apparent.

SEO SiteCheckup

By far the easiest and quickest Site Audit is to use SEO SiteCheckup.  The software is easy to use, simply plug in your URL and within minutes you will have a report detailing what is right and wrong with the website.   The report generated is fantastic and shows you lots of ways to improve your overall website SEO score.

I found the free version to be very useful, but to get all the bells and whistles you will need to get the paid version.  Monthly plans start at $20 (basic) and go up to $80 (Professional).


SEO Profiler

Another really great SEO Audit program is called SEOprofiler.  While SEO Site Checkup gives you a high level view of your website, SEOprofiler goes a bit further and even performs spell check.  Beyond the Audits, SEOprofiler has a host of tools including rank monitoring, backlink checkers, keyword analysis and the list goes on.

SEOprofiler comes in 4 monthly subscription flavors including Standard ($50), Smart ($100), Professional ($250) and Enterprise ($1000).  From my perspective only the Standard or Smart are necessary.  The Professional and Enterprise are for extra large SEO agencies.


After performing a SEO Audit, you may be tasked with modifying code via a content management system or have to go around it and modify files outside of the CMS.  Even when using WordPress, I will occasionally have the need to upload or download specific files.
filezilla FTP Client

By far the best and easiest to use software is a program called FileZilla.

Once loaded, it’s drag and drop functionality make it super easy to transfer files.  The program is Free, which is amazing and it works flawlessly.  The hardest part FileZilla is initially setting up the server information.  Often times the information required for server access needs to be tracked down by the client.  Over the years I have found that many clients simply don’t know or have forgotten where they put the web hosting information.  Sometimes it can take days or weeks before all the information required is in hand.

So what is required?

Note: The info you will need is the host name, user name, password and port.  Any website hosting company like Godaddy, should have that information available.

I am sure there are other programs, but I have had such great success with FileZilla, I really don’t recommend anything else.


Keyword Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis is extremely important if you want to realistically rank for words or phrases in a given industry.

Be Keyword Savvy!  The object of good keyword research is to establish a baseline of keywords that will generate traffic.  It’s much harder to rank for highly competitive keywords, instead look for keywords and phrases (long tail keywords) that have lower competition, thus making them easier to rank for.

Example ‘bicycle,” Instead, look for less obvious keywords, like “racing bike” or specific brand names like “Felt R5 Road Bike”

When devising a Keyword plan also take into account seasonal and holiday keywords that may rank differently depending on the time of the year.

Below are some of my favorite Keyword Analysis and Suggestion Software.

Übersuggest SEO Keyword Analysis

Uber Suggests is a free no nonsense quick and easy keyword suggestion tool.  Simply type in a keyword or phrase and a listing of potential alternatives will display.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Right now my favorite Keyword Analysis Tool is by Moz called the Moz Keyword Explorer.  The Keyword Explorer provides an overview, keyword suggestions and SERP Analysis.  The SERP Analysis gives very insightful information on how hard or easy the keyword will be for ranking purposes.

Moz offers a limited use free version, Keyword Explorer Level 1 ($50) and Keyword Explorer Level 2 ($150).


Screeming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider  is a fantastic FREE tool that you can run on a website to determine broken links, duplicate content, h1, h2 and title tags.   Unlike most of the software mentioned in this article, Screamingfrog requires you to download the software and install it.  On the upside it’s fast and super easy to use.

I have heard some companies don’t use it because they feel it’s a website resource hog when doing scans.


ahrefs SEO Backlinks

For those who want to do a lot of analysis on Backlinks,  AHrefs is probably the single best source.


SpyFu - SEO Competition Analysis

SpyFu – This is a limited free program that allows you to check out other websites and see where their traffic is coming from.  You can get a lot more out of it if you buy the paid version.

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