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Maria Sharapova denies reports she was warned five times meldonium Uncategorized 

Maria Sharapova denies reports she was warned five times meldonium

• ‘It’s wrong to say I was warned five times,’ says Sharapova
• Russian also says she refused to fake an injury to keep news quiet

Maria Sharapova wrote in an announcement on her Facebook page that notices got over meldonium were 'too elusive'.
Maria Sharapova wrote in an announcement on her Facebook page that notices got over meldonium were ‘too elusive’.

Maria Sharapova has denied reports that she was advised five times that the solution she was taking, meldonium, had been added to the banned summary.

The Russian, who defies a long suspension in the wake of testing positive at the Australian Open in January, surrenders she fail to open one email got on 22 December. Nonetheless, in a declaration on her Facebook page posted on Friday night, the past world No1 said the reports were off base, illustrated how habitually she took the drug and said she was not willing to put on a show to have a mischief to keep the news quiet.

“A report said that I had been forewarned five times about the best in class confinement on the prescription I was taking. That is not certified and it never happened,” she said. “That is a bowing of the veritable “correspondences” which were given or just displayed on a site page.

“I concoct no purposes behind not considering the blacklist. I starting now let you think about the December 22, 2015 email I got. Its title was “Essential Changes to the Tennis Antagonistic to Doping Program for 2016.” I should have given watchful thought to it. Nevertheless, substitute “trades”? They were secured in announcements, destinations or presents.”

Sharapova said she got another email on 18 December, entitled “Player News”, inside which was a notification secured where it matters most. “Remembering the deciding objective to think about this ‘notification’, you expected to open an email with a feature having nothing to do with antagonistic to doping, click on a page, enter a watchword, enter a username, pursue, click, pursue, click, pursue, snap, material and read. I figure some in the media can call that a notification. I think a large number individuals would call it excessively slippery.”

Sharapova in like manner said the notification contained a substitute name for the solution she was taking. Her lawyer told the Gatekeeper in the no so distant past that she had been suggested mildronate anyway she attempted positive for meldonium. The ITF in like manner told the Guardian that she had been sent five email notices. The Russian posted a photo of a “wallet card” which was gone out at rivalries after the blacklist began. “This file had an extensive number of words on it, a noteworthy number of them specific, in little print,” she said. “Should I have mulled over it? Yes. Yet, if you saw this chronicle, you would perceive what I mean. Afresh, no reasons, yet it’s unseemly to say I was forewarned five times.”

On Monday Sharapova said she had been taking the prescription for quite a while. The makers recommend a four-to six-week course of treatment, a couple times every year, with only an expert prepared to propose a more drawn out course of treatment. “I didn’t take the medication every day,” she said. “I took it the way my expert recommended I take it and I took it in the low measurements endorsed.” And Sharapova said she had declined to fake a damage just to keep the news quiet. “I’m satisfied with how I have played the preoccupation. I have been direct and blunt. I won’t put on a show to be hurt so I can cover reality about my testing,” she said. “I expect the ITF hearing at which time they will get my point by point therapeutic records.

“I believe I will be allowed to play again. Regardless, in any case, I require you, my fans, to know reality and have the truths.”

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