Online Job Portal for employees [Asp.Net Script]Free Downlaod

Online Job Portal for employees [Asp.Net Script]Free Downlaod

Online Job Portal for employees Asp.Net Project is specially developed by those people who are willing to make their own job portal in .Net language (for Asp.Net Experts).

The system (Online Job Portal for employees) has some constraints and features in itself which are given below in sequence. Try to understand how system will work for you & employees as well in term of getting good results.

There will be main components present in system like:

  • End Users
  • System Administrator

1) End-Users (Employees/workers/job seekers)

2) System Administer will perform all the admin duties to manage record of users with in back end:


  • User can enter his/her information into their CV (included in system) or can Edit CV/Resume in order to provide updated knowledge about his/her skills.
  • Users will be able to Print their resume as MS Word Document, so that to get hard form of resume.

System Administrator:

  • Admin will be able to perform all the back end processes to manage data of all users wither it may be:
  • Login Details of users via¬†Online Job Portal for employees
  • How the End-User will do work and system will facilitate him/her.
  • How Interface will look for filling up info in forms fields.
  • Personal information of each users editable, manageable.
  • Academic information of job applicants.
  • Talent sets to give rewards to brilliant employees.
  • Coaching for employees as well to get them up to date with latest techniques working in real market.
  • How much usable Interface will be to print the resume in MS Word Format?
  • Users will be able to Logout from the system.
  • After that if user want to get inter into system again, then there must be a validation system to check the identity of user real or fake.

Download Free Script of Online Job Portal for employees

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