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The ruthless actions the Church of Scientology takes towards its detractors is well known. However, this focus is often on the high profile court cases against large organisations, or the more personal tell-all accounts of former celebrity members.

We rarely hear about the average man in the street and their experiences after falling on the ‘wrong side’ of the Church.

The infamous Scientology methods of ‘Fair Game‘ states that enemies of the Church, “may be deprived of property or injured by any means… may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed”, (taken from Hubbard’s writings, HCOPL Oct. 18, 1967 Issue IV, Penalties for Lower Conditions ).

This treatment of ‘Suppressive Persons’ extends to common individuals from general society with unpaid bills for Scientology course materials.

Indeed, even the littlest exceptional sum can prompt some to a great degree unforgiving repercussions. Legitimate activity is clearly debilitated,however the debtors and their family will often be harassed and intimidated in pursuit of the outstanding monies.

Scientology course materials are available all over the world. They do not come cheap.

Scientology course materials are available all over the world. They do not come cheap.

Take this following scenario for instance, (which was first reported in ‘The Scandal Of Scientology‘ by Paulette Cooper). A letter was received by a man in the mid-west whose 18 year old son had taken $550 worth of Scientology courses but had only paid the first installment of $200. The Church had decided to come after the man and hold him accountable for the outstanding debt. The father was billed for the balance in a letter saying he had “agreed” to pay the other $350.

The father composed back saying he hadn’t “concurred” to any such thing. He then got the accompanying dangers and allegations from Scientology “Clergyman” Andrew Bagley:

“As opposed to give my legal counselors a chance to have some good times, I will keep in touch with you this once and fix you. I have an extraordinary inclination to poor person you to your last combine of socks, however I will check the craving somewhat more.

In the event that you had the mind of a sick swineherd you would have perused those bits of writing I so generous had sent to you … don’t pass judgment on individuals without anyone else’s input. Not everybody is a mass killer like yourself. Yes, I know a lot about you and your different undertakings amid the war. Furthermore, how would you rest during the evening? I trust tis sick… .

I am master at provocation, attempt me and discover. You are not sufficiently solid. You are not savvy enough. You haven’t the finances to experience long extensive court fights. We have. Greater men than you have done their best to stop us. They fizzled. So will you since you are a glaring idiot in correlation.

We joust just with our companions, others — like you — we will essentially eat up … one more word out of you and I’ll have you explored. I may in any case. I have never seen one individual yet that opposed Scientology who didn’t have an incredible arrangement to cover up. What’s more, you apparently won’t take a gander at free books sent to you, so you should, perforce have an extraordinary arrangement to hide.”

The letter proceeded in a comparable vain, with more allegations of blame with respect to the father, alongside recognition of Scientology, before finishing up on this somewhat unfavorable note:

“In the event that you need to begin a Donnybrook, Amigo, wail away; to utilize the cant of the avenues I’ll simply begin my kin to chip away at you and after that a little while later you will be penniless, and out of work and softened up wellbeing.

At that point I can have my awful little laugh about you and return to work… . You won’t take long to complete off. I would evaluate three weeks. Recollect that: I am not a pretentious song [sic] inclining evangelist. I am a priest of the Congregation of Scientology!

I am ready to recuperate the wiped out and I do. Be that as it may, I have different capacities which incorporate a learning of men’s brains that I will use to pound you to your knees. You or whatever other villain that stands in our direction. Cause the rundown is long, yet their professions are shy of those that have jousted with us.”

The letter was composed on the Congregation of Scientology letterhead, and was marked “with the most extreme genuineness conceivable” by the Reverend Andrew Bagley, Hierarchical Secretary.

There was a short P.S. attached: “Don’t answer to this letter. On the off chance that I need to reach you, I’ll have the capacity to discover you. Anyplace.”

The father quickly paid the bill, which was obvious considering the close lunacy of Bagley’s debilitating correspondence. Nonetheless, in a turn that probably been most disappointing for the father, his child went ahead to take a further $4,500 worth of courses in Scientology, paying for them from a $5,000 legacy that he had gotten.Read More

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