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Xara Xtreme is a powerful, general-purpose graphics program for Unix platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD and (in development) Mac OS X. Formerly known as Xara LX, it is based on Xara Xtreme for Windows, which is the fastest graphics program available. Its latest version is 0.7

Xara Xtreme for Linux is very fast and very slick to use. It offers some of the most powerful graphics tools available. Xara Xtreme has a small learning curve and is able to create a huge range of outstanding graphics. Xara Xtreme has behind it a huge amount of learning materials, tutorials, movies, tips and a very active, enthusiastic and growing user community.

The developers of the application claim that Xara Xtreme uses “the world’s fastest vector rendering engine”. And since performance matters when it comes to graphic editors, it is definitely a significant advantage.

 Feature XaraXtreme

We’re pleased to announce that the 0.7 stable version is now available. Most of the Xara Xtreme features now work on Linux and it’s now a very powerful and usable drawing tool. These are just some of the many working features, give them a try:-

* Opens and renders all the XAR files we’ve tried. Rendering 100% complete. If you find a file that doesn’t load and render correctly let us know please.
* Text now renders (note that text will only render exactly as intended by the designer if you have the required fonts installed on your system).
* Text tool includes new support for tabs and rulers
* Xtreme menus
* Selection tool
* Object delete cut/copy/paste/duplicate/clone using menus or Ctrl-X,C,V,D,K
* Drag objects around, plus scale, rotate, shear. Plus numeric control via Infobar
* Right click drop-copy while dragging
* Magnetic object snap. Grid snap and grid display.
* Zoom tool
* Push tool (middle mouse button also works to push the page around while in any tool)
* Group and ungroup (Ctrl-G, Ctrl-U)
* Undo/redo using toolbar, icons or Ctrl-Z / Y
* Shape editor for editing and creating shapes
* Pen bezier path tool
* Rectangle, Ellipse and QuickShape tools
* Arrange toolbar and menus – change the z-order of objects, slice/join/add/subtract shapes
* Interactive Feather tool with new popup slider added to wxWidgets
* Fill tool
* Transparency tool
* Blend tool
* Bevel tool
* Text tool, including ability to set the font  
* Freehand tool (No brushes yet)
* Shadow tool
* Color line and full color editor
* Save
* JPG, GIF and PNG import and export
* Import/export of many ImageMagick supported types inclduing TIFF, BMP, PICT, XPM and others.
* Bitmap export dialog includes image previews
* Early version of SVG import (work in progress)
* Working Adobe Illustrator import (to same level as Windows Xtreme version)

* Drag and drop file import
* Layer, color, line and bitmap galleries
* Guidelines
* Rulers
* A choice of document templates
* Status line and progress bar
* Many new menu items e.g. convert lines to shapes
* Clipviews
* Tracer tool

* New plug-in system for import/export filters (documentation and example filter code for this will appear on our web site soon)
* Options dialog (and most options now operational)
* Printing. Click here for details.
* Profile editing in feather, fill, transparency and blend tools

* Full comprehensive Help now integrated.

….. and many more. To see which features are still missing compared to the Mac,Linux, Windows  click To

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